The purpose of this blog is to help people find happiness in their every day lives. All of the articles are based on an interpretation and experience of modern buddhist teachings, and the aim is to try and transmit this ancient wisdom in a way that is relevant to people’s daily life in modern society. This may involve giving a perspective on challenges we might be facing at a personal level such in our relationships and communities, and also at a global level looking at some of the challenges we face in society at large

Whilst also trying to offer solutions for people’s every day problems, there is also a focus on helping people who have decided to devote energy to following spiritual paths. This is a wonderful and beautiful decision to have come to, and for me this decision has brought much joy and happiness into my life. Following a spiritual path can often bring up its own particular challenges and therefore it is also my hope that this blog may offer some insight and guidance in this area

In particular it is my wish to encourage the reader to start questioning how their own reality appears to them. The question regarding the purpose and nature of our existence has stimulated much thought and enquiry over the centuries, and I hope to provoke thought around these same questions, so that ultimately everyone has the opportunity to uncover the deeper meaning of their own life

I hope you, the reader, enjoy your experience whilst visiting this site. If you have any comments, questions or feedback about anything at all, please feel free to respond to any of my posts or contact me directly

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